Major Explorers

Discover! Connect! Declare!

Each year, an average of 15 to 20 percent of the students in UB’s entering freshman class are exploratory (undecided) about their major.  Between 75 to 85 percent of college students change their major at least one time before graduation.

The Major Explorers program is dedicated to assisting first- and second-year students in making an informed decision about selecting a major by 45 completed credit hours.

The Major Explorers program additionally supports students who want or need to transition from an existing major, by helping students to explore new majors while still achieving timely graduation.

As a Major Explorers student, you will be assigned an academic advisor who will help you to:

Discover how your interests and strengths relate to majors and careers.

Connect to your major through people, resources and services.

  • Meet with departmental academic advisors
  • Visit Career Services’ Office
  • Enroll in exploratory courses
  • Engage in campus activities
  • Pursue study abroad
  • Make Professional Friends

Declare your major and graduate in a timely manner.

  • Apply to an academic major
  • Meet with departmental academic advisors
  • Consult with faculty mentors
  • Develop an academic plan for graduation
  • Participate in academic clubs
  • Gain career experience through volunteering and internships
  • Network with professionals in your field