Major Explorers Academic Advising

Your academic advisor will assist you each semester as you continue to explore majors, select courses and progress toward attaining your degree.

Academic and Career Research

After identifying an Exploratory Focus Area, use the Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog to review degree requirements, course descriptions and common career choices. Next, talk to peers, faculty, advisors and alumni to evaluate connections between majors and careers of interest. Gain new experiences to test out your options!

Elective and Exploratory Courses

Take classes in majors that you are considering. Your Major Explorers advisor can help you chart a customized plan to explore your interest while still making progress toward university degree requirements.

Campus Involvement

Getting involved on campus is a great way to experience your interests and forge a stronger connection to the UB community. Search for Ways to Get Involved on campus by using the Student Life Gateway. From student clubs to involvement in student organizations, there is something for everyone.

Study Abroad

Through courses, research and learning environments, prepare for careers and advanced study by acquiring global awareness through Study Abroad.

UB Career Connector Network

Over 600 alumni and professionals from all career industries are available to mentor, share tips and give advice to you.